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I JOHN 3:8

He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.








Wal-Mart Videos coming soon about the Welchs and Beckers horrific collision.

A Wal-mart tractor trailer carrying a load of 77,000 plus pounds slams at 55mph without hitting the breaks killing a family of 4 and seriously injuring others. The Full story will come in a serious of videos. Eye witness interviews and etc  Also how Wal-Mart's Lawyers attacked the Beckers Church and their Christian faith.

The Wal-Mart you the general public do not know about! You WILL BE shocked! Plus have you noticed the smiley face is gone? Just a little more time.

It is important for you to get all of the right information today. It will not come from congress. It is High  time for the people to be informed.


The majority of Americans have no idea what Wal-Mart is all about. It is our intent to explain to you the public the kind of store Wal-Mart really is. It is not the same Wal-Mart its founder Sam Walton started.


  How Wal-Mart attacked a Church and their Pastor. We will provide complete court transcripts and documents.

  Wal-Mart is a machine, we will go into great detail explaining, how they have attorneys on stand by and how they dispatch a team to appear at every single accident to control the scene from the very beginning to the end. They also instruct their truck drivers not to speak at an accident.

  We will only post facts and a lot of documentation.

  The new website will also inform you the public how Wal-Mart conducts litigation.

  We will show how Wal-Mart has no concern for its own truck drivers.

  We will also point out how they lobby congress as well as this system to abuse the American public.

  We will take you into depositions, the pre-trial hearings, and the court room and let you all see what has been hidden from you the American public.

  We will also provide advice in what to expect when going up against this world retail giant.

  The #1 fortune 500 company in the world will soon fall along with all of its highly paid law firms.

  We will tell you the law firms they use and how to fight them.

  If you are looking to find justice in our American system, forget about!

  Only trust in GOD, yourself and inform others.

  We will also recommend other retail establishments we use.

  All must know how to exercise the Consumer right of choice.

  We will include photos of accidents.

  We will go into great detail to teach you how to avoid having your case gutted before trial by our legal system.

  There is no justice in America for the poor or middle class people.

  We will give attorneys the opportunity to be put on our list of recommended list of counsel.

  We will teach you how to answer and what to expect at Wal-Mart depositions.

  99% of Law firms in this country are afraid of Wal-Mart and will automatically lay down at the first few offers Wal-Mart offers them.

  Why Wal-Mart changes their images constantly. What happen to the smiley face?

  And much, much more.

  Last but not the least, A remember me page of all the families and individuals who have lost their lives in a horrific truck carnage called accidents!

  A hero page of all the people who did not bow down and kiss the ring of Wal-Mart!


Maybe you will become pro active and not believe the hype and maybe you will join into the fight to help restore power to the people here in America.


Wal-Mart associates needs a Union really bad. Maybe we can help convince you all how it is necessary. Right now there employees are over worked and under paid because there are no checks and balances.


The rich will fight unions tooth and nail. They are in control. Wake Up. Links to other websites will also be available.


A great victory is to see all of Wal-Mart associates in a Union so that the abuse of corporate America can stop. You have a voice and we will see to it, you will win.


JOHN 14:6

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


Pastor Charles Dowell Jr.

Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ


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